Saturday, December 20, 2008

Quilt It, Knit It, Love It!

Been super busy lately... Today I finished two out of the three in progress quilts from the Craftster Lap Quilt Swaps...

One Done!
The Front.

The back...
The Back.

This one is from Round 2. Very busy! My mom commented that she liked the fabrics so it'll be her Christmas gift. =) Rather than quilt the layers, I'll add a few ties. I like a fat, puffy quilt. I used two layers of batting for added warmth... Mom's always cold. This next one is for my son, also for Christmas.

I am so stupidly proud of myself...
The Front.

The back.
The Back.

This is the first quilt I have actually quilted and bound myself! Yay me! I think maybe I should have done a stitch in the ditch quilt rather than the diagonal, but other than that I'm very pleased. Neither quilt is perfect, but neither am I. =) Here is the quilt top for my daughter's quilt...

For the Little Bird
I'm hoping to tackle this one tomorrow.

I've also been knitting; a sweater for my niece, ornaments for my tree, mittens for me... see!

Sweater Progress
I've finished the back piece(pictured here) and now I'm half way done with the front... so much for it being a Christmas gift.

Mini Stocking Ornament
I also knit a matching hat ornament, but can't find the picture I took... I love quickie projects!

I am in love with these mittens! They're a replica of the mittens that Bella Swan wore in the movie Twilight(good books!). I've knit them with two strands of yarn so they're super warm and squishy. I just need to finish the top of the second mitten and I'll be warm and toasty.

That's enough for now... I've bombarded you all...

Thanks for reading!
Craft On!


tami said...

where oh where can I get this pattern for the bella mittens?!

Melinda said...

I found it free in the Ravelry pattern database... If you're an avid knitter it's the place for you!!!

Linda said...

Mumma loves the quilt. Thank you!