Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another Bag

My first drawstring backpack! I made this for a friend and like it so much I may just make one for myself...

Drawstring Backpack
Here's the outside front. A smallish pocket, big enough for a cell phone or a set of small keys? The bottom is a black canvas for added strength. The rest is made of 100% cotton. I love the paisley!

Drawstring Backpack ~ Inside
Two more bigger pockets on the inside.

Drawstring Backpack ~ flat
And, last picture, here it is open and laying flat. The straps are adjustable; just untie them, mark the appropriate length, then re-tie.

Of course, if I make one for myself it'll be after the next round of LQS. Here are the fabrics I chose for the three (yes three, I'm insane!) quilts I'll be making.

For my sister's soon to be 7 year old daughter:


For my brother's soon to be 2 year old daughter:


And for my brother's soon to be 1 year old daughter (yes, he certainly is crazy!):


I didn't buy any fancy prints, just wanted tone on tone squares. Should be interesting... I can't wait to see the results!

Craft On All!


Rachel said...

very cute bag!

beatnik said...

love love love the color choices for the quilts!
im sure the kids will love them as well!

and the upcycled mittens rock too, im jealous. they look sooooo warm!