Saturday, January 6, 2007

Such a crafty day!

Whew! I've been a busy crafter, but unfortunately... I left my fucking camera at work. I'll post pictures hopefully tomorrow night of the goodies I made/finished.

First I felted my first bar of soap! And then I did two more. I did a personal swap on for two bars of homemade glycerin soap; one mango scented and the other cranberry scented. Both have poppy seeds(although that is now irrelevant due to the felt). They came out so pretty, and smell so nice! I'm sending them to my Invite Your Partner Swap Round 5(IYP5) swap partner. I was so eager to felt more that I felted a bar of dove(the stuff we use in the shower, we all have really sensitive skin here in the land of Melinda so we stick with what works and tend not to venture out). I was rather impressed with myself.

I also finished the cross stitch I made for my IYP5 partner(she's such a lucky girl!). It's just her screen name stitched in green Celtic font. I'm not sure if I'll frame it, stitch it into a tote bag or pillow, or just send it to her and let her do what she likes with it... We'll see I guess.

I think it's safe to say that I won't be crocheting fabric again for a long time! Not only is it pretty time consuming to cut the damn fabric into strips and then crochet them(fabric doesn't slide like yarn does) but, holy shit, my right wrist is aching! But the end result is kinda nice, also going into that IYP5 swap box.

All in all, a very good crafting day. And for tomorrow...

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