Monday, January 8, 2007

Ready for my close-up!

Here are the pictures I promised! First the crochet fabric bowl:

It's nothing spectacular, but I'm proud of it. Next, the felted soap:

They just smell so yummy! I'm not actually keeping these two, they're for a swap. I felted a third bar later that day for myself. Must have more! Next up are some hearts that I'm making for my etsy shop.

These ones are 5x3 inches and are so soft and squishy! I made them with some super chunky weight yarn.

These are made with wool and I'll be felting them as soon as I've made a bunch. Great for appliques and such. Last, I have pictures of the counted cross stitch kick I've been on.

The first one is another design from Subversive Cross Stitch(third one I've done from that book). I think I'll hang it in the bedroom(see what hubby has to say about that, hehe). The second is for a swap partner(wonder who?). I found the font at They'll actually create a free chart for you, really cool.
So, as you can see, I've been a tad busy. But it's a good busy. Keeps me out of trouble. Have fun!

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