Saturday, January 13, 2007

Spin Me!

I just bought a beginners spinning kit! I can't wait for it to get here! I've been stalking the spinning boards at craftster and finally couldn't take it any longer! I poked around etsy for a bit and looked at a few different ones. I finally settled on one that seemed to be the most reasonably priced, had great reviews, and offered a lot of roving to practice with. I have yet to get it(hell, I just ordered it a few moments ago), but I already feel it's $20.00 well spent. I can't wait!!!
In other crafty news, I sent out my Fill-A-Box-Swap box on Thursday. I jam packed that thing! I asked the postmaster what it would have cost me to ship it had it not been in a flat rate box(those are $8.10); $11.75. Woo Hoo! And I'll be getting all sorts of crafty goodness in return. Here's a few pics:

The Box all prettied up with Froggie stickers.
The goods; yarn, fabric, cross stitch kits, stickers and other scrap booking/paper craft supplies, sewing notions... I can't wait to get my box!

Sweat Shop Swap round 6 is officially finished. Received confirmation that my last package arrived safely this morning. I've already started crafting for round 7(addict!). I'll be making 5 sets of 5 Hand Stamped Love Notes and 5 "Kiss me, you fool" counted cross stitch mini pillows. I don't have any pictures of these yet, although I really should so I can post them to the thread for everyone to actually "see" what I'm offering.
I've technically finished the Pringles Can Swap, but I'm not sure... I made what I though would be a small scarf to put in the can, along with a few other items. It takes up almost the entire can! So now I'm trying to decide if I keep the scarf and post it in my etsy shop(It came out really nice, I'll post a pic in a second) and then fill the can with lots of smaller items, or just send it out as is: scarf with a few smaller items... Here's the scarf:

She gave me a link to her swap likes info and it said that she liked stars and would love a grey and black striped scarf, so I combined the two... But now I'm not sure if I'll send it... Hmmm....
And I'm off to work on sewing a pillow for the IYP5 swap(yep I'm going to sew that cross stitched "Sewknitter" into a pillow) and some stamping for either IYP5 or SSS7. Craft on All!

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