Sunday, December 3, 2006

New Additions...

After seeing a fellow craftser's blog, I immediately felt the urge to update my own blog(Yes, I'm a sheep, a copy cat, a lemming... but it looks so cool and there's a bit of functionality to it.) I've joined a few web rings. The links aren't active yet, I still have to be approved. I'll update here when they're active. I've also added a To Craft list. I'm hoping that this will prod me into finishing crafts so I can add new ones. I've always got a few going on at once so I don't get bored with one(ADD much?). And I've just realized that I didn't put something on the list... Cocoas for Christmas gifts... damn... gotta go edit. Anyway, have fun and feel free to pick on my sheepishness! I'm hoping to post new pics of my WIPs, check back!

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