Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Crochet, crochet, crochet...

Been crocheting a lot lately. Keeps me busy(...and sane, it's my form of therapy seeing how I don't have health insurance or money to pay a good therapist. Besides, my yarn always tells me what I want to hear.). I'm half way done with the IYP5 shrug and it's coming out better than I planned, or at least I think so... Here's a spoiler(for my partner, that is) pic.

There's the whole thing so far; one arm and half(OK, more than half) of the back.

And now a close up of the stitches and the seam in the middle of the sleeve. I really hope she likes it. I'm rather impressed with myself. I only learned this stitch recently and this is my second time using it. It works up so quickly and is just so fucking pretty!
Other crafting news: I'm more than half done with a Christmas gift hat and my holiday cards are anxiously waiting for me to print them. I'll have more time to craft in the up coming weeks due to "Grampa Sitting"(he's dying of cancer and can't be left alone, I am happy to sit with him, quietly spend the time, and attend to his needs).

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