Saturday, December 16, 2006

ADD Much!

I've been rather busy here in the Land of Melinda. Kinda all over the place too(still in denial about the ADD, fortunately I'm one of the lucky ones that manages just fine, most of the time, without the aid of meds). I went shopping to pick up a few crafty items this morning; purse decorations for a gift for my cousin, finishing touches for the homemade cocoa I'm giving out and for our holiday cards(I'm so fucking late this year!)... And then I came home and started doing twenty things at once...

The holiday cards are still in process, but there's not much I can do with them until I take the pictures I ordered back to the stupid ass photo lab where I ordered them. Seems the dumb ass running the machine doesn't know what their doing. Twenty of the fifty pictures I ordered were stuck together, making them useless... How hard is it to make sure the pictures are dry before you pile them on top of each other?

The cocoa's are almost done. I've actually finished one completely. I just have to tie the tags on the rest of them. They came out really nice, I think. Here's a pic(edited our names out, there really isn't a grey splotch across the middle of that tag)...

I made the cocoa from scratch(The recipe is from, check it out! It's one of my favorite sites!). The baggies on top are filled with marshmallows(can't have cocoa without them), milk chocolate chips(for an extra dose of chocolate), and butterscotch chips(for something a little different). I made the tags with print shop, fairly simple. Just printed, cut, punched a hole and strung 'em. Insta-gifts for my son's teacher, the mailman, my co-workers... Plus, my son got to help so it was a great "quality family time activity."

So I was, yet again, productive today... Knocked another few things of the list. Speaking of knocking things off the list, The pillow swap was canceled. :'( Apparently the swap organizer just up and deleted her account, so... no organizer, no swap... But I stuck a message in the thread that maybe after the holidays, since it turned out to be such a small swap, I'd take a crack at organizing. Another craftster saw this and offered to help(it being my first time and all). So, here's to my new found craftster pal... together we will have a pillow cover swap!

Craft On Everyone!

Oh yea, I finished crocheting the ornaments too!

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