Sunday, December 10, 2006


Hello everyone, my name is Melinda and I'm a swapaholic. I currently have three swaps going on right now(I just joined a third this morning). Even though I'm insanely busy with the house, kids, hubby, extended family, upcoming holidays, holiday crafting... Yep it's official, I'm a fucking crazy person! Everyone needs a little serenity in their lives, and that is what crafting does for me. At any rate, I'm very excited! I've finished everything for the SSS6(ten sets of five thank you cards, pics in earlier post). I'm waiting to get my partner for the pillow swap(one maybe two pillows). And I have my partner for the IYP5 swap, but we have yet to settle on a theme or items to craft(I'd love to add to my stash!). This is my first time in the IYP(invite your partner) swap and I'm wicked excited! I asked my crafty pal, Sewknitter, if she'd be my "date." She also had never done this swap so it should be a good one. There is a fairly large group that does this one. I've become a regular in the SSS(this is my third consecutive round) and we'll see how this one goes... Yay for swaps!!!

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