Saturday, March 6, 2010

Give Away Day!

I'll be sewing this week!  Thank you to those that responded and shared some great links...  Aside from crafting and my family, the interwebs are my favorite!  I can just coast along, surfing around for nothing in particular.  Or I'll have a question that I need answered and nine times out of ten... I'll get my answer and then some!  So, thank you again to sunnie fairy, beautyredefined, amy, JuleeQue, and Beth.  I've numbered each of you (1-5) in the order you commented.  And the winner is:

Amy!  I'll scoot on over to your blog and leave you a message so we can exchange info and see about getting you your bag!  Yay Amy!

Now, to see what I've been up to lately... and seeing how it's only been two weeks since my last post, not much.  I did, however, finish up a sweet hat for a dear friend of mine.

This is actually her picture... I was so excited to get it into the mail to her I forgot to snap one.  =)  She had seen the one I made for my son, and a similar one I had made for another friend's daughter.  Me being happy do knit for yarn... couldn't resist!  =)

And right now I've got a pair of stripey goodies on the sock needles.  Once they're finished I'll post pictures.  They're ginormous!  Size 10 1/2 Mens!  OY!

Until then,  Craft On All!


SuzanneRenee said...

hello! just found your blog, which I LOVE the name of by the way! I'm a neighbor in Maine - and also a crafter. Mostly paper crafts... cards and scrapbooking but i enjoy your blog!
~ Suzanne

Major Asselin said...

Just reading your posts and for some reason really getting into the stuff you make. I'm going to show my wife some of the things and see what she thinks. (she sews.. some)