Saturday, February 20, 2010

Holy Crap It's Been A While!

Been a bit busy here in the land of the Crafty Nerd; new puppy, sick kids, sick me, birthdays...  Oy!  In spite of all of this (life, I know... totally hinders my crafting schedule) here are a few pictures of what I've been up to...

Dad's Quilt
My first King Sized Quilt!!! Holy Hell this thing was a monster! Because I don't have a long arm and I don't have the patience of a Saint, I simply tied the quilt in the center of each square and then bound the sides. Both my Father-in-Law and I were really pleased with the end result!

Socks for my Mom
Socks for my mom... Paw Tracks by Gwen Horn.  These were a belated Christmas gift (didn't finish in time, fortunately Mumma's pretty understanding). My first toe up socks! Whaddya think?

Knittig Bag
Here's another sock project bag I made... this one for a swap on Rav. I love this birdie fabric!

Superman Skully Hat!
Another swap of sorts... A friend of mine and her daughter saw a picture of the Skull Flap Hat I had made for my son. They commented on my FB about it and I offered to make one. She supplied the yarn and I supplied the knitting skills. They were both really happy with the hat and now her boys want hats of their own. Me? I just love to knit!

French Press Felted Slippers
Here is the rare project where I'm just not happy with the end result. But, it was my own fault, not the pattern. I loved the look of the French Press Felted Slippers. The pattern was ok... would be better if there were directions for all of the pieces and not just one slipper and then instructions to "reverse the pattern for the other slipper." I know a few knitters that would have a hard time with this. And, now that I think about it, I would prefer it if they were all one piece, no seaming required. Then I wouldn't have had any issues. Oh yea, issues... I didn't seam them well enough... What can I say, I suck at seaming. I figured where they were being felted I wouldn't' have to worry about it too much. Nope... Oh well, live and learn. I will try these again, because they're super cute!

Finished Socks
From Knitty's most recent web publication, I give you Pyroclastic! Such a great knit! Not super challenging, but enough to make you pay attention. A bit fiddly but over all I loved this project! Too bad I don't get to keep them. Thank you to my Sock Pimp (you know who you are) for providing me with yarns! Oh and this yarn, DkKnits Technicolor Bounce Toes... to DIE for! Soft, squishy, and the color is great! This is why I love being a minion (aka knitter for hire, if you have a something you want knit, lemmie know!)! I get to try out all kinds of great yarns and patterns, all the while increasing my own stash! Win Win!

Weapon of Mass Distruction
And finally... my Sock Wars Weapon. I actually managed one kill!  Sadly, the USPS ate one of the socks... only one arrived.  =(  The pattern was good... simple enough to memorize and knit while walking around. And I still just can't figure out why Knit Picks discontinued this yarn... I love Memories! It's a nice sturdy sock yarn with lots of warmth and squish! *shrug* We may never know I guess...

Anyway... this is my 100th post and I did hint about a special something... bet you thought I forgot seeing how I don't post as often as most bloggers... How about a giveaway? You see that Birdie Bag up there? Would you like one of your own (same or different fabrics from my stash)?  If you go to my 99th post, or my flickr page and dig around a bit, you can see more pictures of the bag in different fabrics... opened up, inside pockets and such...  How do I win?  Leave me a comment here telling me about something you love that you think I would love... a website, blog, knitting pattern, yummalicious yarn, recipe, sewing project...  I'm always scouring the web for new loves (which is prolly why I'm never here posting!).  I'll leave the contest open for two weeks and randomly draw a winner the first weekend in March. 

Thanks for reading!  Craft On All!


sunnie fairy said...

I think you might like this tutorial on making a yarn swift...

beautyredefined said...

Happy 100th post! Certainly looks like you've been busy - so many FOs. It's impressive.

As a fiber-y person, I think you might love the blog to Juniper Moon Fiber Farm. ( )

I love all the cute sheep-y and goat-y pictures, and I'm excited to be a shareholder this year! Whee!

Anyway. Congrats again!

(beautyredefined on ravelry)

amy said...

go to and see her blog. i read it everyday. she loves cupcakes too.

JuleeQue said...

Check out this sewing project to organize your dpn's in little pouches:

I just love these! Got to make myself some... Your blog is so fun! Thanks for sharing your creativity

Anonymous said...

Here is a blog with all kinds of crafty things she has done.
Polvoron de Limon.
I think you will find something on it you would like to make. At least it will inspire you to make your own version of something she has done.
I just found your blog today and you are creative.