Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Side Bar Action

I've added a To-Do List to my sidebar... Ambitious of me huh? Believe it or not... I want to complete all of those projects in time for Christmas! Not to mention the quilt I'm making for my father in law. Crazy, I know... Here are a few pictures for you!

Test Knit Dishcloth
I was a test knitter!!! I know, nothing complicated... just a dishcloth... But it's a Gargoyle Dishcloth! Great pattern Traci! Thanks for sharing!

Sock # the first...
Here's a picture of the first Popped sock (see sidebar to do list for a rav link to the pattern). What a fun knit this is! And such a great sock, very flexible pattern that will fit a variety of foot sizes!

Just look at this sock pattern! (Cachoeria, also has a link in my to do list in the side bar) I love the lace, not terribly complicated but sooo pretty! And this Fleece Artist Trail Sock yarn is a dream to knit with!

For Dad's Quilt
And finally, pictures of my WIP Pinwheel Quilt for Dad (aka my father in law). These are 1930's reproduction fabrics... there will be two squares of each fabric, with either a white or cream to go with it... I'm not sure yet...

For Dad's Quilt
Cut into squares and layed out all pretty like...

Craft On All!

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