Sunday, March 1, 2009

Recently Crafty...

Here's a quicky picture post:

Progress Day 2-26
I'm participating in my very first KAL!!! Woo! Socks, of course...

New Sock Knitting Book! Day 2-24
Lookie what I got! The above mentioned sock is from this book! Love, love, love it!!!!!!

The stripes match!
For a swap partner... I even got the stripes to match up! Yay me!

Finished Rainbow Sock #1 Day 2-9
I love STR! My mom is going to purchase their sock club for me for my birthday!!! I started these socks a few weeks ago, finished the first and then put them aside so I could first; make the swap socks, and then second; the KAL... they go back on the needles after the KAL... I promise!

For my next quilting project Day 2-14
My FIL has been hinting that he'd like a quilt... so I got my hands on these 1930's repros FQ's... five and a half yards worth! I think they'll make a very nice pinwheel quilt against some plain white. =)


I love to craft!

Craft on all!

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