Sunday, November 2, 2008


I had a most wonderful epiphany today... OK, it actually started about two weeks ago. A two part epiphany? I was out looking at hats and mittens for my kids. I love knitting and crocheting, but prefer the warmth and slight waterproof-ness of fleece. And I'm not going to make my kids mittens and hats out of wool that will be ruined when they play with them... makes no sense to me. But, a good set of fleece hat and mittens is like twenty bucks! I have two kids... there's forty of my hard earned (and these days, hard to come by) dollars right there. Grrrr... And as I was standing there having my mini, inward tantrum my son (brilliant little critter!) commented that one of the hats was nice and soft, just like his sweatshirt... *PING* (instert lightbulb here, epiphany #1). I scooped up the kids, headed out of the store, and straight to my sewing machine. We had just gone through and sorted out everything that didn't fit anymore. I snatched up an old sweatshirt of my hubby's, searched for a pattern online and set to work...

First, a big thank you to Bev's Country Cottage for posting this fantastic mitten pattern! After completing my son's mittens strictly, by the pattern I began my daughter's. Just as I was finishing the first mitten (hadn't finished the final cuff seam) I remembered my son's first pair of mittens. They had a nice long sleeve on them to actually keep them on. I loved them and was heartbroken when they didn't fit anymore. *PING* (yep, another lightbulb... epiphany #2) I went back to the pile of clothes that didn't fit anymore and pulled out an old long sleeved shirt. Convienently, my daughter was following me around the house so I slipped the sleeve on her arm, cuff first, to measure how long I wanted it. I marked it, pulled it off, and cut.


Then, after fiddling with it a bit to find the best way to attach it, I came up with this:


The mitten is right side out, the sleeve is inside out, and the two cut seams are aligned. Ready, set, SEW!


Then I pulled the sleeve down and then tucked it into the mitten...


The last seam, sewing around the cuff of the mitten.


Pull the sleeve out and marvel at yourself! You're so smart! =D


And then, try them on the rather eager small child that has been stalking you throughout the entire project.

Fleece mittens for the Bird

The look a bit big, and they are, but I want them to L-A-S-T the winter! Warm, free, recycled mittens... Woot!

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Carrie said...

Wow...what cool mittens!! Great job.
(carrieg777 RAK)

wendy said...

Wow, those look great! What a great re-use of old clothing!!

(I found you via ravelry, btw)

carri Schramm said...

that is genius!!!

thanks for posting the tutorial. I have a pair of elbowz and the 'sleeves' are too long! This is perfect!

Beth said...

I love this. I'm totally going to copy this idea for my kids. Thanks! Beth

Spinnerlady said...

What a brilliant idea - wish I could operate my sewing machine!