Saturday, October 25, 2008

Swap, swap, swappity, swap...

I have been swapping my brains out on the KYS board at Ravelry. I've got some really yummy yarns coming my way, including some I've never tried! Mostly sock yarns; Salvia, Opal, and some Knit Picks. I've also scored a few sets of needles and some great pattern books! I'm mostly offering up yarn but I did have a side trade, off the KYS board. For two skeins of Salvia I made this:

Finished Tote

A reversible pocketed project tote. Big enough to fit a smaller project in, like a pair of socks. Small enough to hang off your wrist while you knit and not get in the way.

Finished Tote

The fabric was left over from the kimono dress outfit I made my daughter(a few posts back. I love quick projects!


Anonymous said...

That is really cute! I love the fabric and that it can hold your yarn while you knit - smart!

I came here from your Nov. wishlisht on Ravelry. I'm craftykeg there. :)

tracee. said...

oh man, that bag is indeed super cute! i wish i could sew.
i found your lil' blog through rav as well. you're just so crafty!