Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Quilt Along?

Anyone up for a super easy Quilt Along? Particularly one you can do with your small kids or students? I'm a preschool teacher by day and crafter by night so I try to merge the two whenever possible... This year in my class each child will be helping to make their own quilt. Every month we'll be making a hand print block that goes along with the current themes and seasons. Here is this month's block:


On a 6.5" square of white fabric we:
  • painted the palm red and stamped it towards the bottom center
  • painted the top of the index finger brown and stamped it at the top of the palm print
  • painted the top of the thumb green and stamped it near the base of the stem
After they dry I'll bring them home, iron them (in an effort to make the acrylic paint colorfast... if you have any suggestions, please leave me a comment!) and then sew on a 3" border (actually sewing 3.5" strips to each side) in coordinating fabric(I'll be picking up some apple fabric tomorrow) making this a 12"(actually 12.5" for seam allowances) block. I hope to add a picture of the finished block soon...

Every month I'll post the new block and instructions. There aren't any sign ups or registrations... if you come across this, like it and want to join, feel free! Post the results to your blog and hit me up with a link or comment, I'd love to see how yours come out!



danni42683 said...

There is a product made by Apple Barrel called Fabric Medium, you add this stuff to acrylic paint, which is actually already perm. on fabric and does not normally bleed, and it simply makes the paint softer after it is dried. Often acrlyic paint can be VERY stiff once it dries which leads to cracking when washed. You can pick this fabric medium up at most craft stores I know I use to get it at walmart! Have fun and good luck!

Anonymous said...

That is such a great idea!!! No help on how to keep the paint to stay though, i've always used crayons then ironed it.

Anonymous said...

love yr blog! sorry about having to frog mariah, that looked like SO much work...

bec said...

oh, i like this idea! i think i will use it with my preschooler when she wakes up from her nap!