Saturday, March 22, 2008

*pursed lips and furrowed brow*

Maybe I'm just being oversensitive here...

If you like what I've posted and want to link it to your own blog and even borrow the picture I've posted with it, please just send me a "Hey, I really liked what you did here. Would you mind if I... It's a bit unnerving to be poking around other blogs and then just finding one of your pictures there rather unexpectedly. I'm happy to share, I guess I'd just like to be aware of it?

Sorry if I sound cranky, it's been a bit of a busy morning... lots of cleaning and no crafting... grrrr... it's enough to take the sparkle out of any Glittergirl and turn any Crafty Nerd a bit of a bear.

In other crafty news... I've been busy with my photography, knitting, and as of the past week, baking... Sadly, I've only got pictures of the photography to share(in a few lines...).

I finished the first sock of my second pair, and don't really like it. It's too small for me and I don't like the heel. But that was some expensive yarn so I'll be frogging it and making something else hopefully.

Yesterday I baked my brains out! Six cakes and a pan of brownies(all after work I might add). Today is The Big Birthday Bash; my two kids, and my three nieces(two from my brother and one from my sister) all have their birthdays within three months of each other so we're having one big party. "So why not make one very large cake?" you say? I've actually made two 9 by 13 cakes for the party goers, one spice cake with cream cheese frosting and one devil's food cake with milk chocolate frosting. Yum. Then, each birthday child(with the exception of my brandy new niece, born on Valentine's Day and too little for cake) gets his or her own six inch cake. It should definitely be fun and I can't wait to post pictures of it. Hopefully soon...

So for now I leave you with a few recent pictures... Happy Spring All!

Shadows ~ 365 Days, Day 246

Eye see you! 365 Days, Day 238

My Neice Alex


And after flipping through my recent pictures, I realized that I never did post pictures of the great swap package that I got from the Secret Swap on Craftster...

Swap Goodies

Swap Goodies

Swap Goodies

There are more detailed pictures in my flickr...

Craft On All!

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