Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I learned how to knit!!!

I've been dancing and singing around my house in my fabulous new hand knit socks... knitted by moi! Yes! Me, the one that claimed to be knit retarded... just couldn't master those two pointy sticks... I mastered five of them! I am so proud of me!

I have big news! ~ 365 Days, Day 209

Pretty cool huh? I used the International Sock of Doom pattern by Julie Gardner. Thank you Julie! I guess she wrote this pattern for Sock Wars, her death-by-sock tournament. After working up the first sock, I was intrigued by it all... What is Sock Wars. So I googled... And now I'll be participating in Sock Wars III. Follow the link for complete info!

Yay for socks!


Nikkiana said...

Nice work!

Melinda said...


Amanda said...

Hurrah for newbie knitters knitting socks. Good job!