Saturday, November 3, 2007

Hookin' for the Holidays!

No, I'm not selling my body for extra money for the always expensive holiday season... I've got two orders for gifts!

One of my co-workers wants a sweater for her friend's soon to be born little girl. I'm going to buy the yarn for that later this weekend... I'm thinking the ever popular BIOC with either Nature's Choice Organic Cotton Yarn in Almond with Strawberry trim, or Bernat Cotton Tots in Wonder White with Lovely Lilac trim... We'll see what's at the store when I go tomorrow.

I've also started a purse, special order for one of my parents at work. It'll be a gift for her sister-in-law. Here's a few progress pictures:

Holiday Order

Squares for Purse

And here's what it'll look like when it's done, only in different colors:

Crochet Granny Purse

I'll line the finished product with some coordinating cotton fabric. And I'll also be making a matching change purse, but I'm not sure about the style yet...

And, I've also been crocheting shawls... There's a few ladies at our church that make Comfort Shawls(aka Prayer Shawls). While I can't actually make it to the weekly gathering they have(Monday night... Hubby works... no sitter) I've almost completed my second one! Here's a few pictures of them both...

My first...
Comfort Shawl ~ 365 Days, Day 101

Comfort Shawl

I used this free pattern.

My second, still a WIP...

Shawl Progress... ~ 365 Days, Day 119

Almost done!

No pattern here, just V-stitches and fan stitches...

And I've got enough yarn in my stash for three more shawls! Because of my craft ADD, I'm sure they'll all be different...

Speaking of stash, my Ravelry invite finally came! Yay!!! I've been slowly adding projects to my notebook, queuing projects, and adding stash pictures! Check me out if you're ever there! I'm glittergirl94(just like on Craftster!). And now... back to hookin'(and not the street corner!)! Craft on All!

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