Sunday, October 7, 2007

Crafting Rut?

Nah... I think it's just because I've been sick. See my Homelife blog for complete details about that. But never the less, I just haven't been inspired to create much of anything, nor have I had the motivation to try... Kinda irritating really. I've had ideas for all kinds of goodies that I'd love to make, but that's as far as anything has gone. Grrrr...
As a result of being sick, I've wrapped up the swaps I was involved in, pulled out of one that I had signed up for but hadn't actually started yet, and decided not to join anymore for a bit(atleast until I feel a bit better). =( I think that's part of the problem; no direction for my crafting.
But I have managed to keep up with my photograph project, 365. I have an entire set just for these pictures at my flickr, check it out! And I was tickled to discover that four of these pictures made Explore! If you're wondering what that is... click here! Yay me!
And in light of the up coming holiday(Halloween, one of my favorites!!!) I crocheted up a little something...

FUTAB! ~ 365 Days, Day 90

This is one of my 365 shots. I've recently discovered photoshop and have been having a blast with it! Here are some of my recent favorites!

Back ~ 365 Days, Day 95

My hair really is this pink...

Taking a Break! ~ 365 Days, Day 96

Don't I wish there were three of me!

Neat huh! Craft on with your bad self!


Anonymous said...

I just discovered a few things in photoshop too and I have tried a few color things like in your pictures. Very nice pictures bytheway.

I found you through Ravelry, I am a knitter that wishes she knew how to crochet :)

Redshoes said...

Why not really dye your hair like that? It would look great..