Sunday, April 22, 2007

So much to do!

Yea, so I've been a little busy... Still crafting though! Sewing and crocheting, added a few items to my long neglected etsy shop, swapped like crazy... the usual. Here are a few pictures:

I made this for a 24 hour swap. It's crochet in 100% merino wool. Due to time constraints, I wasn't able to felt it myself, but my partner was terribly excited to be able to felt it herself. She's not a crocheter or a knitter(but boy can she sew! I got a fabulous tote in return!), so it worked out well for everyone. The pattern is my own too, just kinda flew by the seat of my pants...

These I just sent out yesterday for the Cover A 14" Pillow Swap. These were a challenge. I was a little nervous while making them; I actually considered just scrapping the whole thing and starting over at one point. Boy was I surprised when I put them on my pillow forms. Not bad, not bad at all... They're just a 14" quilt block with an overlapped pocket back. I believe the quilt block is called Card Trick... Fortunately, most of my corners matched up!

These were just one of the many items I sent out for the IYP6 Swap, hair pretties! My partner has very long thin hair and these are the only kinds of barrettes she can get to stay in her hair. So, I embellished a few pairs for her. Nothing terribly fancy and the picture is kinda crappy, but you get the idea. I may have to try more beading later, it was kinda fun!

I finally finished it! I started this sundress for my daughter at the beginning of winter(yep, last year) and finally picked it up again and finished it. It's still a little big for her, but it's also still a little chilly out for it. By the time the weather is warmer, she'll be a little bigger. I crochet it using 100% cotton, nice and soft and breathable. It's definitely nice to have a little girl to crochet things for. My son is usually less than interested...

And finally *drum roll please* my first self designed amigurumi! Ta da! I just love these little guys. I made them for my kids' Easter Baskets; blue for my son and purple for my daughter. I hunted and hunted the internet for a free pattern that I liked and didn't find one, so I just started crocheting. Even my son was impressed. They worked up pretty quick too.

As for my next few projects? Who knows... one of the perks of suffering from Craft ADD(well, ADD all over really, but manageable for the most part... it all gets done... eventually...). For now, I'm off to wash my kitchen floor(bought a new mop yesterday, gonna give it a whirl!).

Craft On All!

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