Sunday, February 18, 2007

See what a few hours can do!

I had a few hours this afternoon of quiet, so of course, I crafted. First I finished cutting out the bear parts for the FrankenTeddy Swap. I'm making two rather large bears(one for each of my kids, for Easter I think...). Here are the parts I'm sending out, seperated into bear #1 and bear #2 piles.

After I finished that, I decided it was time I finished up that yarn I started spinning a while back; you know, that pretty purple stuff... First I took two spun singles and plied them together. Rather happy with the results...

There's almost 3.5 oz there. I think maybe I'll make myself a hat or a pair of wrist warmers(small ones, there isn't that much yarn there...). But, that's not all I got. While I was plying this the spool broke(GAH!!!). So I ended up stopping and just finishing that skein there, a little disapointing and frustrating to say the least. With one of the spools of leftovers I tried my hand at navajo plying. Not fantastic, but not awful either. The other spool, I just left as a spun single.

And finally... I bought some of the prettiest fabric for a rather large tote for my IYP6 swap partner. The blue paisley is for the outside and the stripe is the lining; although the bag will be reversable, so I suppose it'll be left up to my partner. I hope there's some left over so I can make something for myself(I love this fabric!)

Craft on everyone!


stacy said...

OOOh, I had to sneek a peek and see what kinds of fabrics you were using for the bear! Humm, I guess you won't give me a hint if I'm getting something from bear #1 or #2's pile? LOL

Rosamunde said...

This is great info to know.