Sunday, February 11, 2007

Crochet Kick!

After all the counted cross stitching and paper crafting I've been doing lately, today I felt the need to crochet. Actually, I've had the crochet bug for about a week now. First I started some wrist warmers for a swap. I've made them a little big and then I intend to send them to their new home with instructions on how to "felt them to fit" by wearing them while felting them in the kitchen sink. The results should be interesting to say the least. They're really pretty if I do say so myself...

They're a really great shade of purple. 100% merino wool! The top is crochet cables, four cables total. It's my own design and I'm rather proud of it!

Then today, because I didn't feel like starting the second arm warmer, I made this:

Isn't he sweet! The pattern is from a fellow craftster and I just love him to death! The yarn is also 100% merino wool, but this stuff is hand dyed! I got it in a swap a few months ago and have been waiting for the perfect project to come along... Yay for octopus!!!
Craft On!

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