Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chocolate Frog Cards!

I've been hanging out on The Seventh Floor today.  One of the Griffindor's was kind enough to invite me in and be a part of her Pride.  =D  Hooray for the Pygmy Puffs Pride!  I'll be crocheting a few pygmy puffs for Divination as soon as I can get my hands on some fun fur!  For now, I've managed to collect a few Chocolate Frog Cards for playing in the STUFFF thread in August!  See...

One for each tile earned!  I just kinda grabbed a few randomly...  it'll be fun to add to my collection as I continue to play!  I've already submitted an assignment for Defense Against the Dark Arts:

Shots Fired!

Sock Sniper socks... knit entirely in two and a half days!  And these were big socks...  US Woman's Size 10!  

I've got some plans to dye yarns this month too... and I've already cast on a hat for Muggle Studies.  =D

Happy Crafting!

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Lee Bernstein said...

Beautiful socks! Two days? Wow, amazing. Great job.