Saturday, May 31, 2008

Swap Parnter Info...

In an effort to clean up my sidebar I'll be moving a bunch of stuff to this post and just putting a small link. Yay me!

What I Craft!

  • * Knitting ~ I have finally learned to knit! Woot! I think I've graduated past beginner knitter and I'm currently on a sock obsession. I loves me some sock yarn!
  • * Sewing and Quilting ~ I'm not an expert at either by any means... I've made a few messenger bags with really easy pockets, tote bags, quilt blocks, lap quilts, clothes for my daughter, pillow covers. I'm always working on my sewing skills...
  • * Dying ~ I've dyed roving and natural fiber yarns. It's fun and totally experimental! A lot of the time I'll start a dying project with something in mind and have it turn out totally different; but still excellent!
  • * Paper Crafts ~ This was one of my first craft adventures. I have a small collection of rubber stamps and also use my computer for my paper crafts. I make my own holiday cards every year and really enjoy it. I've made gift tags, greeting cards, postcards, and even a few of those star books, both with and without pockets(great for ATC storage).
  • * Photography ~ I am an amature photographer. I have a Digital Canon Rebel XT and love, love, love it! Next to yarn arts, this is my favorite hobby. I have a flickr account where I post most of my pictures. Follow the link below to check it out!
  • * Jewelery ~ I've only dabbled in jewelery making. I had an IYP swap partner mention that she really liked jewelery so I took a stab at it. And despite it being a new craft, I did fairly well. There are pictures here in my blog if you'd like to see...

Likes and dislikes...

  • * Favorite colors are Red & Orange. I also wear a lot of black, blue, brown, some greens and purples, pink and white occasionally, I hardly ever wear yellow.
  • * Supplies I would welcome with open arms are: yarn(sock yarn especially), fabrics of all kinds(on a paisley appreactiation kick right now), especially the "not so run of the mill" patterned and printed fabrics.
  • * Random themes/icons that I love are: cherries, Hello Kitty, pin-ups, Bettie Page, anything craft related.
  • * I am a zipper hoodie t-shirt and tank top addict! On the rare occasion that I buy clothes for myself, that's what's in the bag. I'm a jeans and tank top/tshirt kinda gal, but I also love skirts and just about anything reconned. I'm a little chubby, curvy some like to say(very hourglass-ish I've been told) so large is usually the size for me(depends on the brand though, sometimes an XL is needed).
  • * I love custom tshirts and tank tops! Jolly Rogers, cherries, fun and crafty sayings... slap it on a shirt and I'll be happy!
  • * Socks! I love novelty socks; funky patterns, bright colors, toe socks, you name it! Hook me up!
  • * As of late, my partners have been requesting info on my family... Hubby isn't much of a crafter; he's more of a snowmobile/gimmie an old beater to fix and I'll be happy kinda guy... Good luck finding something to craft for him(I never have much luck hehe). I also have two littles; a boy that was born in Feb of 2000 and a girl that was born in Jan of 2006. Both love recieving goodies of all kinds! There are pictures of them in my flickr if you'd like(link below)!
  • * I love, love, love music, rock mostly, but all kinds are treasured! My iPod Nano is always nearby...
  • * I would love you for a twin sized quilt for my little boy's bed! His new room has Classic Hot Rod Cars and Trucks!
  • * My ears are pierced, but I very rarely change my earrings. I'm honestly not much of a jewelery person. I do, however, have a TON of hair and I'm always looking for fun things to do with/to it: hair ties, very large barrettes and clips, bobbie pins, fun dye kits(currently itching for some purple and cranberry hair...), fabric headbands(the hard plastic ones hurt my head) that tie, bandanas, hair sticks...
  • * Not much of a TV person, but I do have a few favorite movies: True Romance, What Dreams May Come, American Beauty, Romeo & Juliet(Baz Luhrmann's), The Butterfly Effect, The Matrix Trilogy, Aliens(Ripley Kicks Ass!), The Terminator Movies.

Wish List

  • Yarn! One can never have too much sock yarn...
  • Ball Winder! I need one!
  • Yarn Swift! I need one of those too!
  • Fabric! I love fabrics! 1093's reprints, Amy Butler, Kokka, Anna Maria, Heather Bailey, others that are similar... I'm really just learning about the goodstuff out there!
  • Patterns! Quilting books, sewing patterns... I would love any copies of Ottobre you might have lying around! Patterns for clothes for my kids would be fantastic!!! Knitting and crochet patterns would be great too... like yarn my current interests are always changing... Just ask!

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