Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh I've been a busy crafter...

So busy, in fact, that I keep forgetting to show off... erm... update my craft blog.  No, seriously, it's been a super busy few months (check out my Homelife blog for an update or two if you'd like)...  here's a pictorial display of just how busy (from the crafty point of view, of course):

First - I finished these projects:


Fiddlehead Mittens for my Mom for her birthday!

Nov Mock Sock!

My first cabled socks... STR is sooo yummy!

Socks for Mumma

Wandia's for my Mom for Christmas. I just love CookieA's patterns! I also made a whole slew of other Christmas gifts...

Hat for the Small Boy

Owl Hat for my son (yes, I modeled it on a pumpkin).

Elephant for my nephew.

An Elefante for my nephew.


A cave full (no they don't really live in a cave... come to think of it I think they're strewn about the house... and probably naked... ahh the love of a small girl child) of bears for my daughter and three nieces (some unfinished in the photo, I know...). Yea, November and December were some hard core knitting months... those bears about killed me.

I did a bit of kool-aid dyeing... just for kicks really. The mood struck me, I had the supplies, went for it. The results were fantastic!

Lemon Lime

Lemon Lime

Goldfish in a Bowl

Goldfish in a Bowl

Cherry Cola

Cherry Cola

Hand dyed sock blank - Rainbow!

...and a Rainbow Sock Blank! This one was by far my favorite... I mean seriously, check out the Rainbow Sushi!


I am so making myself some knee socks with this! In more recent adventures (these were all before the new year... lesson learned; if I want to avoid the longest post ever then I really ought to update more often) I've made...


A crappy picture!


Not my best, but the socks really are kick ass. Summer Sliding in STR!

Stripey Goodness!

Yea, I finished this pair right about the same time I finished the previous pair... same crappy picture... I have no defense... just a case of crap-photography-itis. Anyway, this was a fantastic KAL on Rav with Stephanie van der Linden, Gaudete. I just love the heel!

Dashing Mitts

Dashing Mitts made for a really sweet swap partner on Rav. Made them with a skien of 100% Pure Wool from my SIL. O M G this yarn is just so yummy and delicious! Soft, squishy... and for some reason the word buttery still comes to mind when I think of knitting these mitts.


These socks were a mini milestone for me... I remember the first time I saw the Firestarter pattern I was in awe. I figured that if I ever got my sock knitting skills to the point where I could knit this sock, then I would be good to go... I have arrived? It was a little anti-climatic, kind of like, OK... now what? But just the same, these socks are awesome and I love them dearly! Knit with Asling Yarns Merino Superwash Handpainted Sock, they're soft, have great stitch definition, and the color is perfect!

New Mystery Socks

Look! Learned my lesson... no more pictures by the window! These are just off the needles and already on their way to a charity auction. Another Mystery KAL on Rav, the yarn is from New Zealand from a very nice swap partner; Knitsch Yarns. Squishy merino goodness! Must have more!

And last, but not least... currently on the needles we have this beauty...

Skew Sock

I finished this sock in two days... yes two days! It's mate is about half way done and I anticipate finishing it today. Most look at this sock and shudder because it's constructed differently. I found so long as I took the time to read the whole pattern first, then as I was knitting reading each section through as I started it, going line by line and trusting that the oddly shaped blob I was knitting would in turn into a sock... and it did at the Origami Moment... almost magical, I tell you. The fit isn't perfect, it's a little loose around the instep and ankle, but I did notice that links had been provided for fit alterations. But beautiful yarn makes up for the not so perfect foot hug though... STR in Dreidel... soooo gorgeous!!!

I'm also working on a few charity projects... hats, an afghan for a raffle... but I think this post is long enough, don't you?

Craft On All!

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AquamarineCelestina said...

Bwargh! Seeing stuff like this makes me wish I could knit, not just crochet. Super fantastic and amazing! I love the rainbow yarn! <3