Saturday, August 16, 2008

Some spend a weekend school shopping...

I spent the weekend(and it's not done!) school sewing! OK, OK, she's too young for real school, but she does need a new fall wardrobe... Check it out!

First... a reversible A Line Jumper made with fabric from my stash.

Reversible Dress

Reversible Dress

It's really big, who knew that most patterns have a seam allowance of 5/8 instead of the 1/4 that I usually use. Oh well, live and learn right!

Another A Line Jumper

I just love the red, black and white combo!

Another Dress

This was a fabric remnant! So cute! And, this is the first time I've made anything with sleeves... a little tricky but not bad if I do say so myself.

Pink Dress

Another jumper, also too big (didn't discover that seam allowance thing until today... made the two jumpers and matching pink pants yesterday.). This fabric was originally bought to make myself a bag, but it just screamed for the Little Bird.


Matching Pants! I love putting her in dresses, but she hasn't learned to keep the dresses down... Solution? Bloomers and Pants. And as you can see, she loves em! Really big so she can wear them as capris later on. And I'll leave you with one last action shot...

Action Shot!

Thanks for looking in on me! Craft on All!


christine said...

Such cute clothes! Please tell me, did you use a pattern for the reversible jumper and sleeved dress? I so want to make them!

Linda said...

I LOVE the dresses!!!

I'd love to make dresses for my little girl, but don't think I have the skills, hehe

Melinda said...

Christine - Yes I used a pattern; McCall's Easy Stitch and Save(Walmart), but the reversible part I did myself... I'd love to see one you made!

Linda - Trust me, if I can do this SO CAN YOU!!! Super simple! I'd be happy to offer advice if you need! =D

christine said...

I would love some advice on the reversible part. I will get the pattern and then let you know so you can help me. Thank you!