Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sew buttons on ice cream and see if they stick!

Yea, I was sewing today... finished the last six quilt squares for the Lap Quilt Swap on Craftster... Yay! Took me most of the afternoon, but well worth it! I was honestly wondering if I'd ever have time to actually sit down for a few hours and finish them. Wanna see?

Quilt Square Swap!

Yay me! The top six are the one's I did today. Some came out so good I just sat there for a minute and marveled at myself... Others made me vow to never sew with velvet ever again(but still came out ok).

In other crafty news... still knitting like crazy. After organizing my stash I've begun to swap yarns at Ravelry's Karma Yarn Swap... Can you say addicting? I've traded some nice, but no use to me yarns for some really nice sock yarns(my latest obsession). If my memory and math serves me right, I've got six or seven skiens of sock yarn on their way to me... *sigh* Here's my latest sock... a gift for my cousin...

One Sock Done!

Yay for knitting! Keeps me sane, busy, awake, and on occasion... from committing murder.

Craft on All!

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