Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Crafty Happenings?

So I've been crafting away... as usual. Working on my quilt squares for the Quilt Swap over at Craftster. Furiously crocheting a baby blanket for one of my mom's at work... except the baby came a little early(two weeks to be exact) so now I'm scrambling to finish. I love the colors....

IMG_4486 copy

I'm also gearing up for Sock Wars... I've got my weapons and I'm just itching for that pattern!


Speaking of Sock Wars... It seems a fellow warrior has a bit of a contest going on... I was poking around her blog and etsy shoppe (I'm a nosy sort of critter, what can I say). In the spirit of Sock Wars she's made a very nice sock bag... similar to that of a holster perhaps? This is war and it is meant to hold our weapons, after all... At any rate, I would love a bag for my sock goodies. Be sure to check back at her shoppe later on this week if you want one too (sans sock wars logo of course)! Hoping to report about more sock wars fun later!

Craft on All!