Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Quilting I Will Go...

I joined the Lap Quilts for All II: Summer Swap on Craftster. "How does it work?" you say! We (the swappers) are divided into groups of twelve.
Phase 1: Each swapper puts together twelve packets of fabric; at least three different fabrics all totaling 3/8 of a yard. Then we mail out one to each of the eleven others in our group, and keep one for ourselves.
Phase 2: With the twelve different fabric packs we now have we make twelve 12.5" quilt squares. We choose the pattern and such, although the owner of the fabric can make suggestions and requests.
Phase 3: Return the quilt squares and left over fabric scraps to their original owner. Oooo and Ahhh over your group's quilting skills!
Phase 4: Make yourself a fantastic lap quilt with the twelve squares!

So far I've made three squares. I'll mail them out later this week. I've also started the square that I'll keep for myself...

Block for Lap Quilt Square Swap

This pattern is Balkan Puzzle from The Quilter's Cache.

Block for Lap Quilt Square Swap

This is Color Wheel, also from The Quilter's Cache.

Block for Lap Quilt Square Swap

And this last one is Susannah, from... you guessed it... The Quilter's Cache.

As you can see, The Quilter's Cache is a great, fantastic, fabulous, wonderful resource! Go check it out!

Craft on All!

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