Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hookin' Up A Storm!

Yep, me and that crochet hook have been busy(That just doesn't sound right). I've discovered that shawls are addicting, and why the hell not! They're portable, easy, versatile, quick, and the results are so lovely(not to mention that wonderfully magical feeling you get seeing your very first Comfort Shawl going home to a severely Autistic boy on his fourth birthday... yea, that was a wicked cool day!). I'm now finishing up my third... Here are pictures of them both:

Purple Goodness!

Finished Shawl

WIP shot just to show the size:

Shawl Progress... ~ 365 Days, Day 119

Yea, I can't wait to bring this one to it's future home: Michelle from the Mt Auburn Oncology Unit. Last year I spent quite a bit of time there(weekly visits for a while) while my Grandparents received various treatments for their cancers and blood disorders. I can't express how wonderful the nursing staff there was. There was one nurse in particular that Grampa really liked, so I'll bring this down and hope she's still there and even working that day...

And my almost finished third? Feast your eyes upon this:

Serephina Shawl Progress ~ front

...and the back:

Serephina Shawl Progress ~ back

I am so impressed with myself! This one doesn't have a home yet... I may swap it... =)

And I've done more than shawls lately. I made my daughter a really really nice crochet jacket. The pattern is free online(can be found here), but I did alter it a bit. I changed how I did the sleeves and hood, and the trim as well. Plus I used a different yarn and different colors. The results are fantastic:

Crochet Jacket for my Little Bird

Crochet Jacket ~ back

Action Shot!

She just loves it... And I can't believe the reactions I've been getting from people... "What a cute sweater, where'd you get it? ...You made that!" Even Santa was impressed when we took the kids for their annual mall picture. Pretty cool, if I do say so myself!

That's all for now... my shower is calling me... Craft on All!