Sunday, September 16, 2007

Magic Yarn Ball Swap...

Yep, I caved and signed up for it... Never made a Magic Yarn Ball before, nor have I ever received one. After the crafting I did today, I better have a shit load of yarn to wrap over the stuff I've made! This yarn ball is gonna be a bit on the big side...

I'm hoping to post pictures later but so far I've made: a set of five stitch markers with some really pretty green beads, a wicked cool pair of cherry earrings, and a pair of crochet wrist warmers. I also intend on included a few store bought items: knitting needles for the pattern I chose, other small objects required for finishing the pattern I'm including, candy and chocolate of course, maybe a candle or two...

Yea, this is gonna be friggin' huge! I hope my partner is having as much fun as I am.


Here are the pictures!


Cherry Earrings!


Green Beaded Stitch Markers

Fingerless Mitts ~ bottom Fingerless Mitts ~ top

Wrist Warmers!

Wheeeeee! Craft On All!

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