Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I just love it when I unexpectedly get to spend the day crafting! I was going to go into work for a few hours yesterday and today, but my daughter isn't feeling up to par and I need her to be healthy for our trip this weekend. So instead I, of course, crafted... wanna see?

Slippers for a swap package. They're so damn comfy! I think I'll make myself a pair before winter. I used an N hook with a strand each of Lion Brand Boucle and Red Heart Super Saver held together. They should be pretty sturdy and last a bit. And for the same swap package(lucky girl!):

Isn't it so pretty! Yet another item I wanna keep... The second Messenger Bag I've ever made. My partner is 15 so I figured she could use this for either crafty stuff or school stuff. She said she likes bright colors and pretty things... I hope she likes it as much as I do! I wasn't able to put any pockets or pouches in. =( I ran out of fabric. But it's still functional(and really pretty) just the same. It's my first time sewing with a fabric that isn't cotton... not bad.

I also spent some time on The Secret Craftster second send out swap package... but I can't post any of the details here, now can I? ; )

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Violet said...

LOVE the slippers and the bag is very pretty. :-) Great Job!! Hope your daughter is feeling better soon.