Monday, January 22, 2007

What a week!

I got my spinning kit, *singing and dancing around the room* I got my spinning kit. It came in the mail with 8oz of un-dyed top(different from roving, although I'm not really sure about why or how). She(the wonderful lady I bought it from) also sent two smaller samples, one dyed and one not, just to show the difference between the two. I immediately spun them and then crocheted them. The results:

The bottom third(the really nice looking, even, thin yarn) was not spun by me. That was the leader that was left on the spindle for me. The rest of it, however, is my handy work. Not bad for my first time out, eh? I was terribly excited anyway. And then I, of course, spun an ounce of something brown(still learning my fibers, work with me here).

As you can see, it's still on the spindle. I'll wind it off today and set the twist, or maybe I'll spin another ounce in the opposite direction(this is a "Z" twist so I'd spin the next one with an "S" twist) and ply them. Just plain white? And then dye it! This really is a lot of fun, despite the looks of pure disbelief that I get when I tell people that I want to learn how to make yarn. One family friend though crocheting was strange enough(poking fun, but not nastily, just for shits and giggles really) and couldn't understand why I would want to make the yarn first. I just smiled...

I spend most of yesterday on craftster. First, I made twenty five "Love Notes" for the SSS7, five for each partner. They came out really nice(my mother and cousin commented that I should sell them. Alas, the stamps are copyrighted. I really need to get some stamps from an angel company.);

I really can't stand all the cutesie, lovie valentine's day crap, but I love paper crafts. Being able to just sit at the table and put together 25 cards, experimenting with different ideas and such is really very relaxing for me. Call it therapy? There are individual shots of each card at my flickr account, just follow the link to your right! They took me a few hours(I made them while my daughter napped). Once I was finished, I spent another hour or so, uploading pictures and updating my swap threads and such. What a nice and relaxing day. Thanks for reading and Happy Crafting!

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