Saturday, November 25, 2006

Yep, that's me... a crafty nerd...

Laugh all you want, but it's true. 32 hours a week I'm a center director/preschool teacher, after that I'm a mom, a wife, and a crafty nerd. I'm slowly building my yarn and fabric stash, I've become addicted to craft swaps(thanks Craftster[]!) , and I've discovered and rediscovered so many other crafts besides crocheting(again, thanks Craftster!). Right now I'm working on selling a few items in my etsy shop Glitter & Sparkles( Check it out and buy something, I'll make more!), I'll be making a purse for my cousin for Christmas(hope to post pics), I started a large one piece granny blanket out of my leftovers, pictured above. Weird color choices, I know, but like I said, it's leftovers. If it comes out nicely, and it's not too much of a drag(I like quick project that make instant gratifcation) I hope to make another one for my etsy shop. Anyway, had to break in the new blog... More craftiness later!

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